We Offer a Free Telecoms Review

RF Networks provide discounted line rentals and call packages. If you need to order some telephone lines or want to save money on your calls then we can help.

We offer a free telecoms review where we work wth you and look at your business and how your current telecoms provision is working for your business. We then will provide you witha report of possible changes and cost savings.

Utilising the best analysing tools available RF Networks can create an accurate call pattern profile which allows for correct and detailed savings for our clients. The call patterns may vary greatly depending on the number of calls to mobiles, overseas etc so accurate analysis is vital.

RF Networks can save you money on all your landline calls and line rentals, whether you use BT or any other carrier – typical savings are 20% – 40%. However, our service goes a lot further than mere savings. We provide a complete land line order process allowing you to order lines directly at discounted rates all installed by your local BT Openreach engineers. This then allows us to present you with market leading low cost call charges.

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)

Even If you are in Contract: Our Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) service enables you to achieve substantial savings on your BT call charges. By working with alternative 1st class carriers, we are able to provide you high quality calls but with much cheaper call charges. You don’t have to adhere to any minimum specifications other than the requirement of having a BT line. We use CPS technology that enables us to route your calls directly through BT’s switch, after which we route them through a pre-designated carrier.

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